NEO Global Development released its monthly report for May 2018. Highlights include NEO’s visit to European Parliament, South American events, its MOU with Ontology, and an updated roadmap.


NEO will be a Crown Sponsor of the 2018 CPC Crypto DevCon, which will take place on June 11th and 12th in Silicon Valley. Malcolm Lerider, senior R&D manager at NEO will be speaking at the event, as well as NEO co-founder, Da Hongfei, who be giving a remote presentation.

NEO is hosting a hackathon in Tokyo on June 24th through 26th. In the lead up to the event, regular workshops will be held in Tokyo and Osaka to help improve the development skills of those who wish to participate in the hackathon.

Developer Group Updates

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its May progress report, which highlighted updates on its hardware wallet, development its blockchain explorer, and various other application upgrades.


Ontology launched Ontology Olympus Accelerator (OOA), which will serve as an incubator to develop business applications on the multi-chain platform. The OOA program will focus on providing technical, marketing, funding, talent, and legal compliance support for teams developing open-source collaborative projects on the Ontology blockchain.

Ontology partnered with Points (PTS), a blockchain-based credit service network. PTS will “build an Ontology-based platform to provide various services such as financial technology products, credit data exchange, credit analysis models, and more.”

Ontology released information on how to participate in the token mapping and migration of ONT once its MainNet is live.

Additionally, Ontology announce the Ontology Advisors Group (OAG), plans to travel to Japan and the US in June and July, and that candidates are now listed for the Triones Consensus Nodes.

Reports and Updates

THEKEY won an award in an innovation category at the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018. It was decorated for its MVP/Testnet Virtual Social Security Card Application to build a medical insurance and medical big data platform.

O3 Labs published its monthly report for May of 2018. Highlights included O3 mobile wallet upgrades, token sale functionality, priorities for June 2018, and future airdrop support.

nOS announced winners of its design competition, which rewarded participants with GAS and an opportunity to participate in its token pre-sale.


Guardium partnered with SpringRole, a blockchain powered professional-profile verification and attestation protocol. SpringRole’s platform will aim to evaluate the professional identity and credentials of emergency responders who will utilize Guardian Circle.

Effect.AI partnered with Lobster, a graphic content provider and licensure entity. Lobster is a user-generated content licensing marketplace that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic engineering to locate and sell high-quality and relevant photographs or videos. Effect.AI’s Effect Force will be utilized to connect a digital workforce to Lobster’s tasks-needed.

Tech Updates

Switcheo announced Ledger compatibility, which will make it possible for users to trade on the decentralized exchange (DEX) directly from their Nano Ledger S. Trading directly from the hardware wallet will begin upon the release of Switcheo’s UI upgrade on June 12th. Additionally, the DEX team discussed its Community Giveaway program in preparation for the V2 launch.

Phantasma released its minimum viable product (MVP) mail dApp on Android. Phantasma is a content distribution and storage platform that uses blockchain to increase security and privacy. The MVP functions as a mailing application, allowing messages to be transmitted between Phantasma users.

Token Sales and Airdrops

Realista, a global real estate platform, will conduct its token sale and operate on the NEO blockchain. Its presale will be held in July of 2018, and the public token sale will be held in August of 2018.

Spotcoin opened whitelisting for its token pre-sale, limited to 1,250 eligible participants .

NEO Names Service (NNS) announced an airdrop to NEO token holders. The airdrop ratio will be 0.1 NNC for every 1 NEO. A snapshot of NEO accounts will take place Wednesday, June 27th.

Exchange Listings

Phantasma (SOUL) was listed on KuCoin on June 8. A trading competition with 100,000 SOUL in rewards is underway until June 15th.

PickcioChain (PKC) was listed on Switcheo.

THEKEY (TKY) listed on Coinrail.