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On March 5th, PikcioChain announced the completion of its PKC token airdrop, which was part of a dual airdrop and trading competition event held in conjunction with Switcheo Exchange. For airdrop eligibility, NEO wallets must have held a minimum of 10,000 SWTH tokens. A total of 3,509 wallets were eligible to receive the airdrop.

An airdrop of a total of 100,000 PKC tokens took place at a rate of 1 SWTH : 0.0001 PKC.

PikcioChain cited the time of distribution as taking place at 12:25pm (UTC +8) on Wednesday, March 6th.

The following address is the wallet from which the token distribution took place: ALvFw1hTMnCcRMT9oUvvvYNRKbAzQD6pya

Concertedly, the Switcheo trading competition has been live since March 4th and ends March 25th. A pool of 400,000 PKC has been allocated for distribution as prizes. The winners will be decided by the highest total trading volume across the PKC/NEO trading pairs. To learn more visit NEO News Today’s prior coverage.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: