NEO Colorado recently hosted a local community meetup, with a presentation highlighting the second NEO DevCon that took place in Seattle, US. NEO Colorado is a local community that seeks to offer a forum of discussion and education for both technical and non-technical audiences alike.

The meetup took place at Enterprise Coworking, a venue offered through coordination efforts with Colorado Blockchain, a consortium of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and developers.

The presentation, delivered by NEO News Today’s Dylan Grabowski, began by acknowledging an unanswered question from the previous meetup, “how is NEO testing dishonest actors?” Grabowski responded through an overview of the four ways nodes currently malfunction and Jeff Solinsky’s ‘smart malicious’ vector tests.

The presentation then moved onto a discussion surrounding the “True Era of Decentralization,” a reference to an upcoming Swisscom consensus node launch on the NEO MainNet. In addition to decentralization, Grabowski spoke about Da Hongfei’s vision of pragmatic idealism and its applicability to NEO’s philosophy of growth and distribution.

The next topic was the opening of NEO Global Development Seattle. The new NGD branch places a high priority on recruiting developers to build frameworks and libraries and is preparing for a busy six to nine months.

Grabowski then took focus on NEO 3.0 and a variety of its new features. Details included information about the architecture, layering, consensus, functionality, security, and other improvements proposed for the future iteration of the blockchain.

Following, Grabowski discussed upcoming modules for the NEO blockchain, which include a decentralized distributed storage platform, digital identity, quantum resistance, and state channel candidates.

Grabowski went on to provide an overview of the developer workshop held on Day 2 of DevCon highlighted the modules taught, as well as the positive reception from those in attendance.

A segment of the presentation gave an overview of the current state of NEO’s purported financial well-being. Da Hongfei’s opening speech at DevCon provided the source of the data in the NEO Colorado presentation.

Lastly, a handful of slides gave a summary of some of the announcements made by projects during the conference. The presentation concluded with a brief overview of some of the projects that emerged in 2018.

Following the presentation, attendees in the audience asked the following questions:

  • Does NEO, and NEO Colorado have a Telegram?
  • What’s the percentage breakdown of the developers that are in Asia versus distributed across the globe?
  • How do Chinese developers embrace the authoritarian government crackdown?
  • In total, how many developers are in the NEO ecosystem? Does that include core does as well, or just people building on top of the platform?
  • Are NEO core developers running the full nodes?
  • Is NEO anticipating a hard fork or soft fork? And, what’s that going to look like for coin distribution?
  • Swisscom is a global project, so why is Swisscom involved in NEO? What’s in it for them? Do any C-Level executives participate or engage NEO?

The full presentation and Q&A session can be viewed in the video below:

Upcoming Events

NEO Colorado will be participating in an upcoming Lightning Talk hosted by Decentralize Colorado. The topic of the 10-minute presentation is developer tools that are available for those interested in building on the NEO blockchain.

That event is scheduled to take place from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (MST) on Tuesday, March 12th, 2019, offering a live stream for those with interest in participating.