France-based PikcioChain, a platform designed to handle and monetize personal data, has announced changes to its development roadmap as it looks towards the launch of its standalone MainNet and block explorer in the first quarter of 2019.

Single-Token Model

After a period of “community feedback” and “ internal discussion”, Pikciochain has decided to launch its chain with a single native token, the PKC token. Plans for a PKGas token have been scrapped; the team has decided to focus on “establishing and strengthening the utility of the PKC token”.

Open-Source PikcioChain

Pikciochain’s MainNet and block explorer, planned for the end of the first quarter of 2019, will become completely open-source in order to encourage third-party developers to publish dApps on the chain. A smart contract builder and “other tools” are planned for after the MainNet is launched. dApp developers will be required to purchase PKC tokens to publish on the PikcioChain.

PKC Token Utility

PikcioChain is focusing its work on building the following use cases for the upcoming PKC token:

  • Transactions of personal data will be monetized with PKC tokens. This is a core function of PikcioChain.
  • Digital ID-as-a-Service for token sales, exchanges, and banks, requiring PKC to be staked or held
  • dApps services through the PikcioChain wallet will utilize PKC tokens
  • Community and developer rewards will be remitted in PKCs, and rewards will increase proportionally with the amount held

The full PikcioChain roadmap update can be viewed at the following link: