Travala, an online travel booking marketplace, has announced updates to its business plan, formerly known as its whitepaper. In the new plan, Travala has outlined changes to the use cases of its AVA token, and has outlined the different payment methods that it is offering to lower barriers to adoption. Travala also outlined the marketing strategy that it will be adopting after the launch of its beta in the first quarter of 2019.

AVA Use Cases

The use cases for Travala’s AVA token have expanded from payment processing to add other utilities. Not only will AVA be used as a payment method for the platform, but the following mechanisms will be added:

  • AVA rewards will be given to users that submit verified reviews of properties they booked through Travala
  • A referral system to bring new customers to the platform will be added, with rewards paid in AVA tokens
  • Users holding a certain amount of AVA tokens will qualify for special offers and upgrades.

In addition, a reputation score is planned for inclusion on the platform. Repeat customers with a high reputation score will receive upgraded offers and special discounts.

Payment Methods

Travala will offer three methods of payment for its customers:

  • Fiat Currency: 1% to 5% fee – Paypal, credit cards, and “other local options”
  • Cryptocurrencies: 0.5% to 1% fee – BTC, NEO, GAS, ETH, LTC, DASH, EOS, XLM, BNB, XRP, and TUSD are mentioned
  • AVA Token: No fee

Marketing Strategy

Travala also mentioned that search engine marketing, marketing through Instagram and social media influencers, listings on travel price comparison sites, and attendance at blockchain-focused meetups and conferences, are all strategies that it will be pursuing in order to achieve growth in 2019.

Travala’s marketing push is expected to commence after the launch of its beta platform.

Travala’s full development overview and update can be viewed at the following link: