pubNooks has announced a logo design contest in preparation for the launch of its new platform. The leadership team has opened logo submissions as well as an accompanying social media reward campaign.

Following the rebrand from Narrative in February, pubNooks is seeking creative input on its new brand identity from its community. Submissions are open until Wednesday, April 8th, with the winning logo receiving 15,000 NRVE tokens. Submissions may be designed in a square or landscape aspect ratio and can use either pubNooks or PubNooks casing. Files must be in a vector graphic format and users are free to make as many submissions as they’d like by emailing files to

In addition to the contest, pubNooks has announced its intent to launch a “swag store,” as well as use submissions from the community logo contest on items available for sale. The designer of the logo featured on the highest selling items will receive a 10,000 NRVE token reward. Further, proceeds from swag store sales will contribute to the costs associated with the re-launch of the content sharing platform. Community members also have the opportunity to win 10,000 NRVE by purchasing items and sharing selfies on social media.

Lastly, pubNooks is seeking to expand its team and is searching for developers with the following proficiencies:

  • Backend: Java, with experience with MySQL / nHibernate.
  • Frontend: React / TypeScript, Apollo, CSS.
  • Consultant/developer experienced in cloud deployment: Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, familiarity with Java/Maven build process, and understanding of single-page application architecture (e.g. React), MySQL Solr, and Zookeeper.

Individuals interested in applying for any of the positions can do so by emailing

Interested readers can keep up with pubNooks by subscribing to the email list found at the link below: