QLC Chain is focusing its development resources on enterprise solutions and global expansion. In a recent AMA, the QLC Chain team highlighted the progress achieved on its platform, information sharing limitations, and next steps.

QLC Chain is a decentralized Network-as-a-Service provider that aims to improve telecom infrastructures. It is using blockchain to create a market for data and service exchange with instant billing and micropayments. QLC Chain’s goal is to simplify the supply chain between service providers, telecom operators, and enterprises.

QLC Chain currently offers support for mobile telecom companies in China, Singapore, and Indonesia. These implementations enable the purchase of mobile plan “top-ups” through the Q-Wallet application using QLC tokens. When a user recharges their mobile plan through top-ups, they receive a discount and a QLC Chain issued a communication expense receipt.

In partnership with the Metro Ethernet Forum, the team aims to expand beyond its current Asian markets into Europe. QLC Chain has been testing proofs-of-concept and will begin to build a Software as a Service platform to meet the needs of global operators. It reports to have an application-to-person SMS settlement platform nearing launch, stating, “In the European market, we have three operators collaborating with [QLC Chain]. [QLC Chain] will launch a platform bridging several operators in Europe, China and Singapore.”

In addition to enabling automation between operators and collective commercial interactions, the team is also building a two-factor authentication security model. They stated, “2FA adoption service will be included in the A2P [quality-of-service] assurance product on QLC Chain.”

QLC Chain utilizes its QLC and QGAS tokens for payments. Yet it noted, “it is not easy to persuade operators to buy QLC token as payment for QLC Chain services.”

QLC Chain is adapting by building an automated market maker so that operators can use cryptocurrencies they’re familiar with. QLC Chain said, “The AMM protocol is amazing and Quickswap will support not only crypto tokens like WBTC/ETH swap, but also stable coin swap for enterprises like USDC/PAX.”

The AMM protocol and Quickswap have a tentative November 2020 launch date.

QLC Chain acknowledged community questions about minimal partnership announcements. It noted, “[The non-disclosure agreement] is the main consideration. All the operators we are collaborating with require signing of NDAs, so it’s not possible to make announcements without their prior approval.”

Finally, the team disclosed development of its privacy protection platform, Confidant, is on hold “as more resources have been transferred to enterprise service development.”

Looking forward, QLC Chain’s primary goal is to launch its billing, settlement, reconciliation, and payment platform for operators across the globe. It concluded the AMA by saying, “We will give a complete overview of our goals for the coming period, before the end of this year.”

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