QLC Chain recently celebrated its first year and released a report wishing readers a Happy Lunar New Year. The report highlights the previous year’s activity, such as the launch of the WinQ dApp, development of its public chain, the partnership with Montnets, and the upcoming release of QLC Chain’s hardware devices.

QLC Chain is an open source blockchain that “applies the virtual machine to manage and support integrated smart contracts.”

In May of 2018, QLC Chain rebranded (from Qlink) and placed a primary focus on the development of its multidimensional block lattice structured public chain. The block lattice structure is designed to handle multiple token issuances. The public chain will utilize a dual consensus mechanism, a combination of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Shannon Consensus.

In June of 2018, QLC Chain established a new venture with Montnets Group, a publicly traded Chinese company that provides cloud communication services to hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers. Through the partnership, the two entities aim to develop an enterprise-level global data and SMS clearance platform that can handle 4 billion blocks on the QLC Chain annually.

In September of 2018, the team attended Consensus Singapore, where the “Private Communication Service” was unveiled. The Private Communication Service routers are designed to “construct a secure peer-to-peer [P2P] network that facilitates end-to-end encrypted [messaging] and file exchange.” Transmission of data and information will be done directly via P2P tunnels, which removes exposure to third-party cloud storage and application providers.

In October of 2018, QLC Chain launched its TestNet, where community and internal testing on the network boasted the capability to handle 3,500 transactions per second.

In addition to the previous milestone achievements, QLC Chain also developed and launched its own block explorer and web wallet.

Also in October, the Playblockz Collective was officially tasked with finalizing the development of the WinQ dApp. Playblockz Collective is a European-based, community-formed developer group with expertise in front-end and back-end design, as well as product operation.

In January of 2019, WinQ 2.0 was launched, which is a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet with included VPN functionality. The wallet uses its own native token called WinQ GAS (WGAS), an “experimental” token that represents the interest for holding cryptocurrencies in the WinQ wallet.

WinQ 2.0 also offers users the ability to utilize their wallets from some of the leading smart contract platforms, including NEO.

Looking forward, QLC Chain will begin the presale of its VPN routers services following the Chinese Lunar New Year, stating there will be “discounts prepared for QLC holders.”

Also, the team has tentatively planned to launch the QLC Chain MainNet in March of this year.

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