Quirky Soul College has opened minting for its Wave 1 series of Quirky Soul NFTs, and has also launched new Happy Shadow Puppets in collaboration with COZ. Happy Shadow Puppets are an empowered form of COZ Puppet which can be used to harvest additional in-game rewards.

The Wave 1 mint opened on March 13. A total of 1005 NFTs were made available at a price of 15 GAS each. To celebrate the release, the team also announced an exclusive airdrop for holders of Wave 1 NFTs. Rewards will be distributed to all addresses that hold at least one Wave 1 QSC NFT at the end of the minting period.

In collaboration with COZ, an option to mint Happy Shadow Puppet NFTs was integrated into the game. This option costs 2000 FDE and 1 Puppet, creating a new Happy Shadow Puppet in return. The process is reversible by burning the Happy Shadow Puppet, which will return the original Puppet NFT.

Successfully harvesting the Night with a Happy Shadow Puppet

Happy Shadow Puppets stats and characteristics are based on the Puppet used in their creation. For 500 FDE, Puppets may use their energy to “harvest,” giving the owner a chance to receive items such as the Stone Shards used to empower Souls. Users can claim rewards earned through harvesting through the profile page.

Users can mint Wave 1 Quirky Souls and Happy Shadow Puppets by visiting the link below: