General Updates

GhostMarket has positioned itself as an early adopter of a new Neo Royalty Standard for NEP-11 tokens. While the standard is still in a draft status and has not yet been assigned a formal NEP number, it has been in development since September 2022 and has received input from several community and Neo core developers. CEO and co-founder Vincent Geneste also joined a GhostMarket Twitter Spaces to discuss the recent addition of full indexing of supported chains to the marketplace. Finally, GhostMarket was voted in as a member of the Neo Council.

Quirky Soul College begins minting its next wave of NFTs on Monday, March 13. Alongside the new mints, the QSC website will be updated with visual improvements, chromatic adjustments to the characters, and the launch of the Lab feature where players can use Puppet NFTs to mint Happy Shadow Puppets. An airdrop will also be distributed to all Wave 1 QSC NFT holders after the wave ends.

GrantShares released a report that includes an update on all the projects that have received grants and are either ongoing or have completed their objectives outlined in their proposals. Additionally, a follow-up proposal from Voxiberate to continue working on its governance dApp was put to the vote and reached the quorum necessary to release funding. Finally, a proposal to create a NeoVM implementation in Rust was put forth and then withdrawn after conversation.

Flamingo provided an update on the top LPs by volume for the ninth week of 2023. The top pools by value included FLM/bNEO at US $2.4 million, bNEO/fWBTC at $1.6 million, and bNEO/fUSDT at $1.5 million.

SOMNIUMWAVE revealed that it has been approved to submit apps to the Apple App Store and that it will bring its VR/AR features to mobile devices.

Developer Updates

NGD Enterprise released a preview of the new Neo Shell and Neo N3 WorkNet. Neo Shell is a new cross-platform, extensible, unified command-line interface for managing Neo N3 chain resources on WorkNet and TestNet. Using the tools, developers can perform various tasks such as deploying contracts, invoking contracts, querying blocks, and much more. Neo Shell was designed with extensibility and customization in mind, and the team hopes to implement new tasks and abilities based on community feedback. Additionally, Neo WorkNet was developed to fill a need that exists between PrivateNets, TestNets, and MainNets. This need has been identified via community feedback as well as NGD Enterprise’s own experience.

NGD Enterprise also teased the addition of Code Coverage to the Neo Blockchain Toolkit, sharing that a preview build is already being tested by GhostMarket.

NNT Catch Up

Web3 Italia, a GrantShares recipient, published a progress report documenting the growth of the project since its funding by GrantShares. The report highlights the team’s goals and current achievements, and provides a path to follow for those looking to start their own communities.

NNT released episode 30 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Sarah Thiam, a developer advocate for Filecoin VM at Protocol Labs. Topics discussed include lessons learned from her previous experience in both the government and enterprise, the significance of combining smart contracts with decentralized storage, supporting teams that are new to the ecosystem, and protocol agnosticism for the multi-chain future.

Unlocking The Chain published a video introducing, overviewing features such as the dApp and app catalog, GAS calculator, token, community development section, and more.


April 12-15: Neo is a platinum sponsor of the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong
April 26-28: Neo will be exhibiting at Consensus 2023