GhostMarket has positioned itself as an early adopter of a new Neo Royalty Standard for NEP-11 tokens. This standard, aided in its development by GhostMarket, provides a set of common methods and events that can be easily implemented by NFTs that require royalties.

While the standard is still in a draft status and has not yet been assigned a formal NEP number, it has been in development since September 2022 and has received input from several community and Neo core developers. It allows NFT creators to set royalties for their work, which is specified as a percentage of the sale price and paid out to the creator every time the NFT is sold. This feature makes it possible for creators to earn a recurring revenue stream from their work.

Standardizing this functionality ensures that all dApps that interact with NFTs know how to correctly interpret the royalties associated with them. Likewise, NFT contract implementers will only need to put the standard methods into place to ensure royalty is interoperable across marketplaces and other projects which also follow the standard.

The standard aligns with the work done with the ERC-2981, used on Ethereum and other EVM-based networks. However, following GhostMarket’s advice, Neo’s implementation was extended with support for multiple royalty recipients, and makes additional data available in events.

Prior to the standard, GhostMarket already provided its own solutions for enforcing royalties. As some NFTs will use multiple settings, and older options for royalties must also be supported, GhostMarket’s smart contract has been designed to enforce the royalty amount according to a priority order.

With the new system, contract level royalties set on the GhostMarket UI by a contract owner will be the highest priority royalty setting. If this setting is not present, the contract will enforce the new Neo royalty standard. If this is not present, the legacy GhostMarket royalty setting will be used. Failing all of the above, no royalties will be applied on sale.

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