Web3 Italia has published a progress report documenting the growth of the project since its funding by GrantShares. The report highlights the team’s goals, current achievements, and provides a path to follow for those looking to start their own communities.

In July 2022, GrantShares provided the requested 2,500 NEO to the Web3 Italia team in response to its proposal to create an Italian Neo community, with an emphasis on non-developer users. In its proposal, the team outlined its plans to deliver a variety of goals.

These included:

  • Drafting long- and short-term plans for ecosystem development
  • Performing an analysis of the Web3 SEO landscape
  • Launching a community website with Neo-specific and general blockchain resources
  • Growing online and offline presences with social engagement
  • Creating a structured area for developers new to Neo

As a secondary objective, Web3 Italia is also intended to serve as a template for others who wish to help educate and onboard new users.

The group has three key members, each filling a core role: a Neo protocol expert, a marketer and social media manager, and a business consultant. Since its inception, Web3 Italia has focused its efforts on community growth, content production, and Neo evangelism.

Community starter pack

The Web3 Italia website launched last year, with new content published over time, split between Neo-specific use cases and general blockchain primers. These articles are designed to guide a brand new user to blockchain through the basics of the technology and current applications without requiring any prior knowledge. Though a full developer area was not completed, an article with links to useful resources was produced as a starting point.

In its progress update, the team also offers pointers on recommended roles, community organization, and growing a social presence. Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and Meetup are noted as valuable targets for community building.

As promised in its proposal, an SEO audit was also produced, helping to assess the effectiveness and positioning of the Web3 Italia brand. Website SEO, social engagement, and other factors were reviewed as part of the process. Though the context is specific to Web3 Italia, the report could serve as an example to future projects looking for ways to improve their outreach.

Additionally, the team gives advice on running local meetups, used as a gentle introduction for new community members in an informal environment. Web3 Italia launched its first meetup in Rome during Oct. 2022, and has continued to host events in the time since.

Business development

The team’s research efforts over the last half year culminated in the “New Web3 Model”, a whitepaper written to help direct long-term business development for Neo. In the paper, the authors consider the general market landscape, user requirements, community resources, and offer recommendations for adjustment to Neo’s organizational structure.

Further, the model includes a study into Neo’s existing token model. The team proposes the introduction of a new token which would serve as an incentivization tool for its new business development model. This token, dubbed N3D, or “N3 DAO Token”, would be used by the Neo community to vote on appropriate tasks and as compensation following task validation. Web3 Italia includes example KPIs to demonstrate how evaluations could be handled.

According to the team, the whitepaper is hoped to be a starting point for future discussions regarding business development in the Neo ecosystem.

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