Red Pulse has published a recent development update covering two major features of Red Pulse PHOENIX and a recap of the events the team attended over November.

Red Pulse PHOENIX is an open research platform that aims to connect clients with experts in China’s capital markets. Announced in July, PHOENIX’s PHX token replaced RPX as the utility token for the platform while adding new features such as “Proof of Creation, Proof of Ownership, regulatory compliance, IP Protection and accountability built right into the new smart contract.” The token swap from RPX to PHX tokens was conducted in August.

The start of the report recapped two major new features for Red Pulse PHOENIX: the company directory and watchlist; the features were first rolled out near the end of November.

Company Directory

The company directory contains listings of Chinese companies that are searchable by various filters. Users can search for companies based on size, location, exchange, market cap, and revenue. It’s also possible to drill-down for specific information on a selected company. Users can view a company’s address, website, industry and financial data – as well as existing Red Pulse content about the business.


The second feature, the watchlist, allows users to follow a curated list of companies and receive feeds that relate to those companies. When viewing a company using the Red Pulse platform, users can subscribe to a company’s feed by clicking the red “Follow” button at the top right-hand corner. Subscribing to a company’s feed will give users a customizable feed of all notes and articles that relate to that business as they’re published.

Some future updates are also planned for the watchlist. Users will soon be able to receive an email digest that contains updates on a list of companies according to their subscriptions. The team also states that the email digest has been one of the most requested features to date for quick and convenient access to relevant content.

Around the same time as the watchlist and company directory were rolled out, a variety of user experience improvements were also implemented on the platform. Tweaks were made to its front-end user interface and optimizations to its back-end codebase; work was also done to improve contributors’ experience on the platform.

Event Note Writer Initiative

Red Pulse also included a call to action for writers to join its platform through contributing as an Event Note Writer. Red Pulse is looking for writers to contribute content about the Chinese capital and financial markets. Writers can earn between “$20-$200” per article with no limit as to how many articles that can be submitted.

The team describes the role as a “perfect opportunity for students studying International Business, Finance, or Chinese Language/Culture Studies to earn extra cash.”

Signing up as a writer can be achieved in one of two ways. Applicants can visit this link and fill out the application form or alternatively they can email with their CV and application.


Red Pulse also recapped the events it attended during November.

Red Pulse attended the Finners’ third fintech conference that was held in Shanghai, China. It’s claimed that the event attracted fintech companies from all around Asia and that the team was honored to be able to showcase its platform to an interested audience.

While also in Shanghai, Red Pulse co-founder Stanley Chao attended the China Wealth Management Forum 2018 where he was invited as a panel speaker. Alongside other presenters at the event, Chao spoke about the development of wealth management offerings in China.

Finally, the Red Pulse team attended what they describe as “one of the most influential blockchain events in the region,” – the Beyond Blocks Summit 2018 that was held in Bangkok, Thailand. This time Red Pulse CEO Jonathan Ha was invited as a panel speaker on the topics of  “The Next Step in Crypto Finance—Advanced instruments” and “Structuring Your Advisory Team — Affluence, Influence, Trust.”

More details about the Beyond Blocks event can be read here.

The full Red Pulse report can be found at the below link: