Red Pulse has announced a partnership with TalentSnap, a “decentralized hiring ecosystem, whereby employers and candidates can connect directly, eliminate recruitment friction, and focus on fit.”

TalentSnap uses “FitScore”, its own proprietary machine-learning driven technology to determine the compatibility between a hiring company and a candidate. The FitScore of a match is rated between 1 – 100, and is based on factors such as; hiring company size, location, culture; role title, required skills and seniority, and; candidate experience, skills and personality.

TalentSnap released its beta in February 2018 and is moving towards an October token sale on Ethereum.

Red Pulse said in a Medium post, “TalentSnap will leverage its unique capacity to introduce best-in-class professionals to the Red Pulse expert network, thereby creating a dedicated priority onboarding channel for TalentSnap users to become paid contributors to our open research ecosystem.”

As part of the partnership, TalentSnap confirmed via Twitter that Red Pulse CEO, Jonathan Ha will also take on an advisory role to the TalentSnap project.

Red Pulse will be revealing its PHOENIX platform at an event in Seoul on July 21st.

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