Effect.AI has partnered with Quadrant, a blockchain-based protocol that “enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.” Quadrant was recently asked to map and categorize a wide variety of geographic entities by Singapore’s Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA). Subsequently, a partnership between the Effect.AI and Quadrant was formalized at the RISE conference held July 9th through 12th in Hong Kong.

In the partnership, Effect.AI and Quadrant have agreed to provide “high-value location data and services” to the Singaporean Government. Through Effect Force, a globally distributed workforce will identify and categorize geographic details from satellite images. In an effort to seek further partnerships with other governments and local authorities, Effect.AI aims to rapidly develop and deploy many geo-referencing features in the upcoming weeks. Such features include mapping, polygon traces, point-of-interest (POI) labeling, and live location feeds.

Quadrant Protocol will provide satellite images of Singapore, which will be divided among Effect Force task-workers to define the GPS locations and polygon trace of the elements. The validity of the information will then be consensus-verified by other Effect Force task-workers before it is resubmitted to power Quadrant’s location data system.

To date, this use case project is more sophisticated and complex than past Effect.AI projects, which could broaden the scope of future work for Effect Force task-workers. Effect.AI hopes this project-partnership will highlight “the willingness and flexibility of the [team] to take on and execute complex projects with ambitious and forward-thinking partners.”

For those interested in working with Effect.AI to enrich and annotate its data, contact Sam Spall at sam@effect.ai.

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