NewEconoLabs (NEL) has recently announced the NEO Game Incentive Plan, which is a supplement to the NEO Blockchain Game Competition that opened in May and is running until August 15th. The competition calls for developers to build games on the NEO blockchain for a chance to share in ¥3,500,000 worth of GAS prizes. The competition has already attracted more than 100 participants.

The NEO Game Incentive Plan has four initiatives: The Nominee Award, weekly meetups, a NEO Game Event during 2018 China Joy, and a GAS subsidy.

The Nominee Award is an additional prize that will be awarded in advance of the major prizes that will be announced at the end of August. The winners will receive ¥10,000 worth of GAS to further encourage their development efforts. An “exhibition” page has also been added to the website to showcase some of the entries in the hope of building further awareness around the NEO game ecosystem.

Nominee Awards will be announced every week leading up to the competition deadline. To be eligible, participants must register on the website and upload their work via GitHub.

The weekly meetups are being held to provide further support to game developers. The meetups will give attendees the chance to meet industry leaders and take part in interactive quizzes, with attendance not limited to competition participants. Two events have been held already, with the next meetups to be take place on July 20th and 28th.

The NEO Game Event will be held around the time of China Joy 2018, which runs from August 3rd to August 6th. China Joy is the largest digital entertainment expo held in China, with the 2017 event attracting 80,000 visitors on the first day alone. Industry leaders, technology experts, investors and exchange representatives will all be invited to the NEO Game Event to discuss blockchain development trends in the gaming space.

Finally, GAS subsidies will be rewarded to high quality entries in the NEO Blockchain Game Competition. Recipients of the GAS subsidy will see NEO pay the 500 GAS required to deploy their smart contract to the blockchain. It is hoped that more gaming projects will be able to reach MainNet availability through this incentive initiative.

Overall, the NEO Game Incentive Plan has been designed to encourage, support and attract game developers to the NEO blockchain.

Those interested in participating the the NEO Blockchain Game Competition can visit for more information.

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