Red Pulse has released its bi-weekly progress report, which details the opening its Phoenix platform to the public, development updates, and event attendance. Phoenix is a Steemit-like platform that uses it’s own PHX token to enable an open sharing economy for financial and market research.

On October 16th, Red Pulse opened its Phoenix platform to outside contributors, which NEO News Today previously covered. Red Pulse purports they’ve had a positive response and have been able to attract “many top China analysts from [its] community and within the finance world.” As an incentive to become an early contributor, Red Pulse will be doubling its daily reward pool to USD $5,000 for the first month, to be doled out to contributors.

Red Pulse community manager, Chris Tannahill, released the second part of a three-part series entitled “A Gig Economy: Solving Problems for Clients and Content Creators.” The first post of the series is entitled “A Gig Economy: The Rise of User Generated Content.” In his second article, Chris “reviews Steemit, Civil, and Phoenix, and how each approaches the issues and opportunities in the gig economy with a unique solution.”

Additionally, Red Pulse recently released its development updates for October, which include:

  • Elastic search testing,
  • The launch of a front-end contributor content updates,
  • Business intelligence system implementation,
  • Deployment of a content and rating rewards script, and
  • Fine tuning the content and rating rewards algorithm.

On October 23rd and 24th, the Red Pulse team attended the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo in Seoul, South Korea. Red Pulse’s co-founder, Stanley Chao, and marketing manager, Amy Kang, promoted the opening of the Phoenix platform to outside contributors and shared roadmap plans for the rest of Q4.

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