On October 16th, Red Pulse opened its Phoenix platform to all outside contributors. Phoenix is a Steemit-like platform that uses it’s own PHX token to enable an open sharing economy for financial and market research. As an incentive to become an early contributor, Red Pulse will be doubling its daily reward pool to USD $5,000 for the first month, to be doled out to contributors.

Red Pulse’s Phoenix focuses on China’s markets. The platform is to be used by “investors, analysts, researchers, and professionals for keeping up to date with the latest happenings in the Chinese economy.” To be eligible for the daily rewards, contributors can submit opinion articles, commentary, analysis, or news about China’s companies, industry sectors, or macroeconomy.

To learn more about what information can be covered, visit Red Pulse’s FAQ.

Writing articles for Phoenix

To begin writing, contributors must have a Red Pulse account, which can be registered for, below:


Once registered, the contributor must upgrade their account to become a contributor. The contributor will need to fill out the form at the bottom of the following page:


Once registered and upgraded to contributor, the user can begin writing articles by hovering the mouse over their name in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting “Write Note.” When an article is submitted, Red Pulse editors will review it, and publish to Phoenix once approved. As soon as the article is published, the user will begin earning PHX tokens.

Additionally, contributors are encouraged to populate their “professional page,” which will be searchable by finance professionals.


Submitted articles will be compensated in PHX tokens by the “quality and amount of engagement it receives.” Articles have the potential to accrue PHX daily, dependent on the amount of engagement it receives.

PHX rewards will be distributed into the contributor’s Red Pulse wallet in the staked token, PHF. NEO News Today has previously covered the PHF token staking model. The PHF token provides users with additional staking rewards, until the user “fires down” the PHF to PHX and withdraws the token to an external wallet or exchange.

Looking forward

Red Pulse Phoenix will provide its contributors with additional ways to earn revenue, and plans to expand offerings to cover additional countries. Additionally, Red Pulse will soon be launching its crypto-focused platform, Crypto Pulse, which NEO News Today previously covered.

For more information about Red Pulse visit one of the links below.