New Kind of Network (NKN) has published its bi-weekly report covering the progress its made since the end of September to the first week of October.

NKN began its report by outlining its Github source code development progress. Work over the last two weeks focused on three code repositories, namely: nkn, nkn-client.js and nkn-wallet-js. In total, the repos received 26 pull requests and 50 commits. The NKN core repository was also updated at a “rapid pace,” with eight releases in two weeks. Readers can look through all the changes here in NKN’s original announcement.

The next item was the growth and testing of nodes on NKN’s public TestNet “Lemur” release that went live at the start of September. It’s claimed that the success of the TestNet has so far been attributed to the public starting their own nodes, with NKN stating in their report: “the public TestNet had more than 3,025 nodes observed on 9/27/2018, out of which only 233 were deployed by the NKN project team. It indicates that 92% of the test nodes were contributed by NKN community.” Additionally, the team reflected on its power as a decentralized community: “[the] NKN testnet continues to grow and set new records in terms of number of nodes.  This shows the real power of a decentralized community, which temporarily beat Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) in terms of node count.”

The block explorer for the NKN TestNet can be accessed here.

NKN also recapped its partnership announcement with IoTeX, a decentralized Internet of Things (IoT) private blockchain. The team described the nature of the collaboration: “this partnership combines NKN’s highly scalable peer-to-peer communications network together with IoTeX’s blockchain protocol and smart contract capabilities to create a new trust and automation framework for short-term home rentals.” Both teams are working to integrate each other’s software into a “smart home demo” that is being presented at the Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP) Summit in London from October 16 to October 17. A joint press release on the partnership can be read here.

The team also attended the CryptoBazar Hackathon that was held in September. It’s claimed that 157 developers developed high quality applications using the NKN SDK. The top prize was awarded to the SpaceCats project that was developed by Nikolay Perevozchikov’s team. SpaceCats is real-time multiplayer game built using the Unity3D game engine. A demo of the game can be downloaded here on Github. Second and third place prizes were awarded to Danil Lykov and Boris Koveshnikov who developed decentralized instant messaging applications.

At the conclusion of the report, NKN detailed its events itinerary for October. NKN attended the San Francisco Blockchain Week that was held between October 5 to October 12. Like other blockchain weeks held throughout the world, the event in San Francisco aimed to “push the boundaries of local blockchain innovation, including speeches, panels, meet-ups,” according to NKN.

The next event that NKN will attend is the TC3 Summit that will be held in Silicon Valley on October 17th and 18th. The headline of the TC3 Summit read: “40 telcos, 30 demos. 800 private meetings over 7 hours of networking.” NKN describes the event as a “great opportunity to connect technical experts, service providers and vendors to explore and invest in a range of technologies. NKN Business Development VP, Allen Dixon will be speaking at this summit.”

The full report can be found at the below link:

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