Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform focused on delivering information about China’s business environment, has announced the rollout of Red Pulse Professional content samples for its free users. Besides a “massive backend and security overhaul” which is currently in progress, Red Pulse also announced custom newsletters for its Professional users, and the opportunity for Red Pulse research contributors to earn double PHX rewards.

Red Pulse Professional

Red Pulse’s subscription service, Red Pulse Professional, is intended to provide actionable and timely intelligence to guide banks, brokerages, and asset managers who are operating in Chinese financial and capital markets. However, Red Pulse also provides information free of charge to its registered users. Red Pulse’s free newsletter has been modified with a revised format to provide a better taste of what is offered by its flagship Professional subscription newsletter.

Red Pulse will also be making its Professional-grade quarterly reports, covering “every major sector in the Chinese economy,” available to all users, starting this week with “Technology and Internet.” Notable corporations receiving coverage in this report will include Tencent, Alibaba, and Xiaomi.

Regulatory Disclosures and Custom Newsletters

Red Pulse’s latest information offerings include new machine-gathered and translated government and regulatory announcements taken from official websites, designed to offer investors clarity regarding China’s enigmatic bureaucracy.

Red Pulse’s Intellifeed also aims to offer Red Pulse Professional users the ability to receive a deep yet focused information feed of highly specific machine-curated content. The information can be packaged in custom newsletters.

Double Content Rewards

Red Pulse contributors have the ability to earn double PHX rewards for their market research until March 26th. Interested parties may sign up to write for Red Pulse through the Red Pulse website.

The March 19th, 2019 Red Pulse development report can be read in full at the following link: