NEO Economy recently adapted its portfolio viewer app and store to function within the nOS virtual operating system. The NEO Economy dApps, which were originally programmed for the O3 wallet using O3’s proposed API standard, is the first to integrate both nOS and O3 APIs into a project.

The user wallet will automatically connect to the the NEO Economy dApps without having to reveal their private key when visited through the nOS browser. Token balances and wallet rankings are displayed whilst using the portfolio viewer, while the NEO Economy store allows users to purchase various ecosystem merchandise items in GAS.

Upon making a purchase, the nOS browser will provide a prompt, asking the user to sign and confirm the transaction.

Two API Standards

NEO Economy developer Vincent G. expressed his opinions on the dual API standards in a recent Discord conversation. According to Vincent, “working with both nOS and O3 dAPI was relatively easy and straightforward as they share some common aspects/methods.” However, he opined that “having to handle two separate API for dApps is cumbersome” and felt that the standards “should definitely be merged into one.”

As a solution, Vincent recommended that wallet developers try and come to a consensus on an accepted standard. “It’s going to be a mess if we end up with too many APIs,” Vincent added.

More information on the NEO Economy project can be found in a recent interview with NEO News Today or at