Red Pulse, a “market intelligence platform” offering curated information for both cryptocurrency markets and Chinese financial markets, has announced that its “hot swapping” service to transfer Red Pulse tokens between the NEO and Binance Chain is now live.

An integration with Binance Chain in May 2019 caused the Red Pulse token to exist simultaneously on the NEO and Binance Chain blockchains as PHX (NEO NEP-5) and PHB (Binance BEP-2), with a shared total supply. The 1:1 swap, which is offered in both directions (to and from NEO), is available through the Red Pulse website. Red Pulse has also posted the frozen and circulating supply data of its PHX and PHB tokens.

Jonathan Ha AMA Summary

In other Red Pulse news, CEO Jonathan Ha participated in an “Ask Me Anything” session on June 26th, 2019 in the Trust Wallet community Telegram group.

Ha explained that Red Pulse’s Binance Chain integration “allowed us to leverage another major crypto ecosystem,” and he expressed hope that all features of the Red Pulse smart contract would eventually exist on both blockchains. Ha also said that “having two separate blockchains provides greater peace of mind” when faced with operational issues with either blockchain.

When questioned about future development plans for Red Pulse, Ha mentioned plans for geographic expansion beyond China in order to cover Korean, Japanese, and other Asia-Pacific markets.

According to Ha, Red Pulse eyes additional future integrations with projects such as Cosmos and Polkadot in order to give his token the maximum possible interoperability. This strategy is meant to expose the Red Pulse token to as many public blockchain economies as possible, and better accommodate local user preferences during the project’s planned worldwide expansion.

Ha also acknowledged his project’s competition, mentioning that the Red Pulse team are “not the only ones employing gig economies” and a token as a business model. He added that in the future, Red Pulse “must build fast, scale fast, and be open to expanding” through both natural growth and acquisitions.

Red Pulse’s PHX:PHB token exchange annoucement can be viewed at the following link: