QLC Chain, a next-generation public chain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service, has released its updated roadmap for the second half of 2019. The announcement also answered frequently asked questions about the Montnets partnership, the utility of the QGAS token, and status of the miner nodes.


In July, QLC Chain aims to allow the use of multiple cryptocurrencies in its Q-Wallet, as well as supporting QGAS/USDT over-the-counter (OTC) functionality. Q-Wallet will also provide support for NEO, QLC, QGAS, ETH, and EOS. Additionally, QGAS is expected to list on Cybex decentralized exchange (DEX) with a USDT and BTC trading pair.

In August, QLC Chain plans to launch a beta version of QDEX, a decentralized exchange developed in partnership with the Cybex DEX. The team also anticipates adding QLC staking functionality through the Q-Wallet. An update to Confident is also expected, bringing with it PGP email functionality with support for email encryption.

In September, the team has scheduled the tentative launch of QDEX v1.0, which will also incorporate an auction listing function.

October and onward, QLC Chain expects to focus on miner node activity, supporting “easy chain generation,” additional protocol support for Q-Wallet, and Ledger support for QGAS.


The QLC Chain team discussed its MOU with Montnets to purchase US $2 million in QLC, which has yet to occur. However, Montnets has reportedly signed the purchase contract. Further, QLC states the partnership with Montnets has allowed them to refine the platform and now “welcome[s] other aggregators to get onboard.”

The FAQ also offered the examples of the current and expected utility of the QGAS token. First, QGAS will be used for contract triggering fees when sending application-to-person (A2P) messages. Second, QGAS will be the token used for future DEX and OTC transaction fees. Lastly, QLC Chain anticipates further partnerships and “industry alliances,” which will build pilot and testbed projects using QGAS.

Lastly, the team is testing QLC Chain miner nodes among a private group of community members. The team noted that they do anticipate offering mining nodes to the public and will “[recruit] as many full nodes as possible, to secure QLC Chain, and achieve real decentralization.”

QLC Chain encourages individuals or entities with an interest in hosting a mining node to contact the team.

The full announcement can be found in the link below: