Red Pulse has announced a partnership with Udacity, a for-profit university that offers massive open online courses (MOOCs). The announcement was made in Red Pulse’s bi-weekly report, which also highlighted various other project events and updates.

Red Pulse has agreed to provide employment and scholarship support for Udacity’s Blockchain Engineering Nanodegree Program. A nanodegree is an online certification that aims to teach basic programming skills to qualify participants for entry-level programming and analyst positions. The Udacity program teaches students how to work with Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, build projects for real-world applications, and gain essential skills for a career in the blockchain space.

In the Blockchain Engineering Nanodegree program, students will be taught by senior technical instructors and challenged with real-world projects, including building their own blockchains, writing smart contracts, and integrating these features with web applications.

Through their coursework, Udacity students will be provided with opportunities to communicate with industry experts. Jonathan Ha, CEO of Red Pulse, is among the list of industry experts who has agreed to meet and communicate with students.

Additionally, Red Pulse will support the nanodegree program by giving priority to program graduates who apply for engineering roles at Red Pulse. Nanodegree program students who are hired will have their tuition fees reimbursed by Red Pulse.

Regarding the Udacity partnership, Jonathan Ha stated, “the demand for blockchain engineers is enormous, and this partnership with Udacity is our investment in growing the pool of talent available to push blockchain technology forward. Udacity provides the perfect platform to quickly and effectively onboard engineers and connect them with industry contacts.”

Development Updates

As Red Pulse nears the launch of their tokenized platform, it has released a list of development updates from the past few weeks

On his live Ask Me Anything (AMA) held June 23rd, 2018, Jonathan Ha alluded to a new Red Pulse project called PHOENIX. More information about the project is expected to be released at a Red Pulse event to take place in Seoul, South Korea on July 21, 2018. In the next month, various bounties and contests will be held weekly. Those who are interested can subscribe for updates at

Upcoming Events

At 22:00 (CST), on July 4th, Jonathan Ha will be a featured guest speaker as part of Udacity’s Blockchain Live Series. The presentation theme is “Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize the Future of Financial Investment?”

Additionally, the Red Pulse CEO will present at the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei on July 2nd. Ha will moderate a discussion panel titled “Central Bank Digital Currencies: Possibilities and Impact,” which will cover the impact and progress of blockchain startups, amongst entrepreneurs, and leading business figures.

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