Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform has published its first bi-weekly report for October. The latest installment from Red Pulse features development and ecosystem updates, as well as upcoming events and its most recent exchange listing.

The report introduced a new three-part series authored by Red Pulse community manager Chris Tannahill titled “A Gig Economy: The Rise of User-Generated Content.” The series is a precursor to the public launch of Red Pulse’s PHOENIX platform, a knowledge sharing ecosystem that will incentivize writers for sharing their insights into China’s financial and capital markets. Contributors will be rewarded in Red Pulse PHOENIX tokens (PHX) as remittance for their services and expertise.

On a broader scale, PHOENIX will attempt to address the three “primary concerns” that affect content creators and clients through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies; these issues are explored in-depth by Tannahill in the “Gig Economy” series.

Part one identified three problems that affect both clients and freelancers in the independent workforce – which Red Pulse claims to comprise “anywhere from 25-35% of the working world.” The first issue is the high transaction, banking, and service fees for the payment and hosting of content. Second is the difficulty in verifying the accuracy of content and securing the intellectual property rights of owners. Lastly, it’s claimed that content creators often have difficulty in finding the right outlet and talent to promote their services.  In future installments of the Gig Economy series, Red Pulse will explain how its platform and other blockchain projects are working to address these inefficiencies of the Gig Economy.

In the next update, Red Pulse highlighted the improvements it made to optimize PHOENIX for user registration and scaling. Changes were made to its mobile app performance, wallet and blockchain integrations, as well as its on-ramp for new contributors. A full list of improvements can be read here in Red Pulse’s development update for September.

The report also recapped its listing on Bitsonic, which Red Pulse describes as “a fast-growing Korean exchange with daily trading volume that already puts it in the top 10 exchanges in the world.” Bitsonic offers two trading pairs: PHX/BTC and PHX/ETH. The exchange listing was originally announced on September 28th.

Finally, the Red Pulse team will attend the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo in Seoul, South Korea on October 23rd and 24th. The event will feature guest speakers from the blockchain industry and will focus on the regulatory issues of the Korean market. More details of the event can be read here.

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