Alphacat, a Hong Kong-based project that offers a robot trading advisor for cryptocurrency markets, has released a progress update covering the second half of September 2018. In the report, Alphacat details the ongoing development of its real-time price forecasting algorithm, improvements to the ACAT Store, and a round of voting for the next cryptocurrency to be forecast.

Forecasting Engine

Alphacat publicizes that work has continued on its real-time forecasting algorithm. While the core algorithm is “basically complete,” Alphacat reports development on the prediction tool’s interface, as well as developing the ability to predict differing forecast targets for various trading types. Prediction algorithms designed specifically for various types of cryptocurrencies are also under development.

ACAT Store

Meanwhile, ACAT Store v1.6.0 was launched, with the development of a “Media” page featuring industry news, alongside new features such as purchase records and purchase history for the store’s services.

Community Voting

Finally, Alphacat’s latest community voting round offered participants the chance to vote for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), or QTUM (QTUM) cryptocurrency forecasts to be added to the store. Although the Google-based form is still accepting results, voting was said to have completed on September 30th. Alphacat added Cardano forecasts to the store after the previous community vote.

Alphacat’s project update may be read in full at the following link:

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