Rentfuse is looking to become the NFT renting standard used by other dApps in the Neo ecosystem. Rentfuse founder, Michael Fabozzi, joined episode 61 of the Neo News Today podcast to discuss the work that won Best NFT Project in the recent Neo Frontier Launchpad hackathon.

Rentfuse is a protocol that enables NFT owners on Neo N3 to rent out their assets while maintaining ownership control. It allows borrowers to use an NFT for a predetermined period of time in exchange for GAS, without the owner relinquishing custody of the asset.

Fabozzi envisions current and future use cases for NFTs in both the metaverse and physical world. In the interview, he offered examples of lending weapons to take down difficult opponents in multiplayer online games, and integrating IoT and blockchain technologies to control access to housing units.

Alongside such use cases, the founder of Rentfuse also envisions a Neo ecosystem where various NFT-based dApps and projects utilize the protocol. Following the hackathon, Fabozzi noted several new NFT projects he would like to collaborate with, including TOTHEMOON, GhostMarket, and Humswap. He said:

A lot of new projects could really benefit from using Rentfuse, from integrating Rentfuse. It can enable a part of the in-game or in-dApp economy, that really can foster also the community behind the project and how the user interacts with them.

To make Rentfuse a simple protocol to incorporate, the team aims to provide stellar documentation. Fabozzi noted the developers use C# to code the contract, which has allowed them to leave several XML documentation comments. XML offers developers the ability to leave notes within the code that can provide hints or more information about what is possible. Additionally, the development team plans on creating bundles, repositories, and packages to make Rentfuse’s contract easier to integrate.

Looking forward, the Rentfuse team has grown to three since the Launchpad event, and they’re seeking to add another developer to help build out the protocol. Tentatively, Fabozzi aims to launch Rentfuse in Q1 2022 but will release a more detailed roadmap in the near future.

The full podcast episode can be found below: