Ryu Coin, a gaming wagering platform has published the first edition of its bi-weekly update series. The new series was created in response to the “rapid growth” of the platform and will cover everything the team has been working on over the last two weeks.

The first item in report reminded readers of Ryu Coin’s swag giveaway that will end on November 9th. The promotion celebrates Ryu Coin’s launch on the NEO TestNet and was announced in early September. Participants can enter to win a Ryu t-shirt and jumper, as well as one of two Nintendo Switch consoles. In total, over $1,000 worth of merchandise will be given away to fifty people.

Users can also complete additional tasks to increase their likelihood of earning prizes, which includes sharing their referral links to earn more entries.

So far, the promotion appears to have been a success for the platform as it has already given away prizes to 26 winners and claims to have grown its community “exponentially,” with thousands of new followers and email subscribers joining its ecosystem.

More details about Ryu Coin’s swag giveaway can be read here.

To enter the incentive, the participant will need to enter and confirm their email address on the competition’s the signup page.

Ecosystem Development

The next part of the report highlighted Ryu Coin’s progress in ecosystem development. The team claims to be in Tokyo, Japan for the next three months while they work full-time on their platform. The team are currently working out of the offices of O3 Labs, who are the developers of the popular O3 wallet for NEO assets, and was the first to provide wallet support for iOS devices.

Ryu Coin gave a synopsis of the work it will focus on over the next few months, stating:

“We are currently working on development of the iOS version of the home base app, finishing touches to a new and improved version of the Ryu Vault smart contract, the Ryu Coin NEP-5 contract, our developer API and updates to Slime Soccer. The new version of Ryu Vault eliminates the one block wait time before each match and takes advantage of the use of key pairs in NEO, using ECDSA signature verification to allow for Ryu to add players to a match by having the player sign the match data off-chain, which is then verified on-chain. The two main benefits of joining matches this way is that it will only take about 15 seconds to join the match (which will happen while the match has already begun) and will allow for Ryu to pay priority GAS fees for users.”

The platform also released a private beta of its Slime Soccer game, which Ryu Coin describes as a “top 500 sports game in the Apple App Store in 36 countries including the United States, U.K., Australia and Canada.” The private beta is claimed to have helped Ryu Coin plan for improvements to its systems. Slime Soccer won an excellence award in the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition hosted by NewEconoLabs. More details about the submission can be read here.

Aside from core platform development, the team also contributed to NEO’s ecosystem, led by Wyatt Mufson, co-founder and CTO of Ryu Coin. Mufson contributed to City of Zion’s Github repositories, which claim to include “standardizing the Python NEP-5 contract demos, helping identify an issue in neo-scan, and a handful of changes to the awesome-neo repo.” Additionally, the team made a joint submission to the City of Zion’s tutorial competition. Their entry was titled “Bootstrapping a dApp focused business in the NEO ecosystem,” and was one of the three runners-up.

Ryu Coin Events and Partnerships

Ryu Coin also attended a number of events, including the xBlockchain event held in Bali, Indonesia. Ross Krasner, CEO of Ryu Coin was invited to speak on a panel at the event titled “Not Playing Around: How Blockchain Could Redefine the Gaming Industry.” Readers can watch the full video here.

Ryu Coin attended other events including the Blocfest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and at the LAToken BlockchainHub in Vietnam. At the Blocfest event, Krasner also met with Aaron Hong, founder of the NEO Malaysia Community.

Finally, Ryu Coin also partnered with four game developers who the team claim have “signed letters of intent to implement [Ryu Coin’s] system when it is available.” The developers include Infinity Games, Shock Valor, Realm Games, and Crescent Moon Games.

For more information about Ryu Coin visit one of the links below.