The CRUZEO protocol, a service economy framework, has announced a partnership with virtual operating system nOS which it will leverage to increase its discoverability for users and offer special promotions or activities.

CRUZEO Introduction

CRUZEO initially launched as a NEO-based ridesharing app, aiming to leverage decentralization and blockchain to beat Uber at its own game. In an introductory post, the CRUZEO team recognized that the same technology could also be applied to other sectors of the ‘service economy.’

By shifting to develop a full stack, easy-to-use protocol for service providers to build their own solutions on top of, CRUZEO hopes to broaden its horizons and provide the infrastructure for the future service economy. According to the team, the protocol will consist of a few key features, including:

  • A digital identity system
  • Decentralized arbitration and discovery protocols
  • A fiat-to-crypto payment gateway
  • An escrow service
  • A smart reputation system
  • A simple ‘5-click’ solution to get started building service/sharing economy dApps

nOS Partnership

nOS is a virtual operating system that aims to simplify the user experience of accessing decentralized applications. It features an internet browser, dApp gateway and an ID system that follows the OAuth2 standard.

The CRUZEO protocol will act as the exclusive service sharing marketplace partner for nOS, and in return nOS will be the exclusive application platform provider for CRUZEO.

The announcement also noted the current outline for cooperation between the two:

  • Special promotions and activities for nOS/CRUZEO users
  • Increased exposure/discoverability for CRUZEO users via the nOS gateway
  • nOS will integrate CRUZEO’s protocol and marketplace
  • CRUZEO will explore the use of NOS token as a supported currency
  • Future technical and strategic cooperation