nOS, a “virtual operating system” project that aims to streamline dApp development and usage, has revealed its nOS ID project. nOS ID is designed to simplify the development of web-based applications that interact with a cryptocurrency token.

Verified User Cryptocurrency Data

nOS ID allows app developers to read the data that the nOS framework has collected and verified from its users, which at this point include email, username, and cryptocurrency wallet addresses and balances. By using the API, developers can access and interact with verifiable cryptocurrency holdings without going through the trouble of securing and maintaining their own cryptocurrency wallet in the app itself.

The benefits of nOS ID to developers are said to include the following:

  • Choice of development language and framework
  • Increased app security and decreased liability
  • One-click registration and login for server-side apps on nOS
  • One-click cryptocurrency payments via integration with the nOS Client
  • Integration of app features that depend on a cryptocurrency balance without using a wallet.

In short, special features, points, unlocks, or access in a game or application can be securely tied to a user’s cryptocurrency holdings.

Developer Support

nOS ID is live for NEO addresses, with Ethereum support in development. The team has released documentation for developers that want to get set up with an Access Token to interact with the API. The nOS ID authentication flow follows the OAuth 2 standard.

The full nOS ID announcement can be viewed at the following link: