Spotcoin, a Georgia-based project aiming to build a fiat and digital currency exchange and payment services platform, has named Dennis Spencer as its new CEO, an act which follows the successful conclusion of its token sale. Spencer’s appointment comes “in accordance to Spotcoin’s development strategy” which includes opening Spotcoin’s exchange ahead of schedule. Spencer replaces outgoing CEO Tim Gick, who Spotcoin says will continue to “cultivate and sustain professional relationships” for the project.

Leadership Transfer

Gick announced that he was “proud” of the alliances Spotcoin made with other NEO projects and the government of Georgia. Spotcoin organized the NEO Black Sea Assembly, with NEO general manager Johnson Zhao in attendance, and the NEO Black Sea Community Hackathon under his watch.

In his CEO announcement, Spencer stated his intentions to “use all of my expertise to lead the company” through the transition from Spotcoin’s fundraising stage to the launch of its currency exchange. The alpha version of Spotcoin’s exchange is currently under development, with registration to be opened to SPOT token holders when the beta launches.

Spotcoin’s full introduction of Dennis Spencer can be viewed at the following link: