Spotcoin has published a new instalment of its weekly roundup series on October 16th. The update touches on the platform’s progress in growing its community before the token sale event that’s due on October 22th. Spotcoin’s whitelist is currently open and will close on October 27th, with registration being compulsory for participation in the token sale event.

When the token sale event goes live, SPOT will be sold for $0.50 per token. SPOT token holders will be entitled to receive a 51% dividend from exchange fees and a quarterly 12% dividend from all of Spotcoin’s business lines.

In the update posted by Spotcoin, the team claims that several hundred people have signed up for the whitelist already from 90 different countries. Additionally, its social media channels appear to also be going strong with over 28,000 members in its Telegram channel.

In a separate update made on October 20th, Spotcoin released a spotlight video of its attendance to the NEO Black Sea Community Hackathon. The event was held against the backdrop of the Georgian government’s exploration into blockchain technology to streamline processes for public enterprise, including moving land deeds to a distributed ledger.

NEO News Today recapped the events of the Black Sea Assembly & Hackathon, which can be read here.

Spotcoin gave readers an excerpt from the report that underlines the importance of the event for the Georgian government:

Tatia Kakhetelidze, the Spotcoin event organizer, highlights the importance of events like the Hackathon. “Events like this push the technology forward.” The sentiment was echoed by Mariam Turashvili from the Georgian National Agency of Public Registry: “We really count on this technology. It will be useful and beneficial in the future. And the future is coming very soon, if it is not now [here] already.”