Endorsit, a content ecosystem that incentivizes authors with EDS tokens, has announced its October Promotion Program in its weekly report dated October 15th.

The October Promotion Program, which will run until November 4th, rewards authors in EDS to write articles on the Endorsit platform. Each author can earn a maximum of 5 million EDS and a minimum of 50,000 for approved articles. Endorsit notes that this program is unrelated to the internal test author program, which is a separate initiative.

Alongside the rewards for authors in EDS, two other incentives are up for grabs. The top three authors who submit the most amount of articles will be rewarded 888, 666 and 333 Zanbtc. The other incentive is for referring new authors to the October Promotion Program’s pre-selection group; successful referrals will earn the referrer 10,000 EDS tokens.

Participants can submit their articles here.

The Endorsit team is also available to answer any questions the community may have about its incentive. People can contact the team via the the platform’s Wechat assistant ID: zanwozlh.

dApp Development

In the same update as the October Promotion Program, Endorsit also noted the progress its made to its decentralized application. The app’s Android version is undergoing peer-to-peer testing with iOS tests scheduled after. The team acted on the feedback it received from its internal test authors by removing bugs and updating its user interface to make it more user friendly.

dApp Internal Test Author Incentive

As NEO News Today reported in a previous article, Endorsit concluded its Endorsit dApp internal test author incentive program on September 30th. This particular incentive invited authors to submit content to test the functions and robustness of Endorsit’s content ecosystem. In total, 1,189 articles were accepted from over 2,200 submissions and 168 internal test authors were accepted into the program.

To cap off the results from the internal test author incentive program, Endorsit published a table that contains user ranking details, WeChat IDs and the reward amounts in EDS. The highest ranked author that took part of the incentive was “Uncle Ruya,” who earned over 2.16 million EDS.

Operations Officer’s September Operational Award

The platform also concluded its Operations Officer’s September Operational Awards program on October 12th. Announced on September 3rd, the initiative tasked officers with a one-week internship period to assist with the internal operations of its eco-community. The scope of the project was described by Endorsit as the following:

“At present, the Endorsit eco-community includes Endorsit WeChat Group, Endorsit & Social Media Co-Building Community, Endorsit Official QQ Group, Endorsit Telegram Community.” In the same announcement, Endorsit stated that it would explore additional avenues that will “better enrich the ecology of the Endorsit community.”

The Eco Community Inviting Rewards are still in progress. The incentive will pay out 6666 EDS to participants who successfully refer ten other people to join the Endorsit Eco Community for the first time. This incentive will conclude when the platform’s dApp is officially launched.