Two dApp explorer websites, and, have added support for NEO-based decentralized applications. The websites each aim to make discovering new dApps simple for users and offer analytical data such as transaction volume and daily user counts for applications spread across numerous blockchains.

Outreach to blockchain media outlets and app discovery platforms began with the launch of NEO EcoBoost, which aims to provide support for services and projects within the NEO ecosystem. The addition of and brings the number of app discovery channels partnered with EcoBoost to a total of eight. announced the implementation of NEO on its blog. Kyle Lu, CEO of, commented:

“We’ve been following NEO since 2017 before we started It has the largest developer community among all blockchains contributing to the ecosystem. NEO Devs community, such as NEL and CoZ had been with the blockchains for years and they had built a solid infrastructure for the NEO wave of dapps. It is time now.”

The press release from also included comments from John Wang, NGD Eco Growth director, on the integration. Wang highlighted the goal for NEO to become increasingly developer-friendly with the release of NEO3, noting that it will encourage new projects to build on NEO.

Due to the difficult task of compiling a directory of applications from multiple blockchains, discovery platforms often depend on their users to submit new applications. Users can submit dApps based on NEO, Ethereum, or other blockchains to here. submissions may be found here.