In 2015, THEKEY launched its “Kaifeng Human Resources and Social Security 123 Application”, which is a first generation identity verification (IDV) solution. It is powered by THEKEY’s Dynamic Multi-dimension Identification (DMI) solution, and over the past three years has expanded and evolved into a multi-functional mobile service platform, delivering social security, medical insurance, healthcare treatment and pension payment functionality. Over 4.5 million insured patients in Kaifeng City use the application daily.

On account of the Kaifeng Social Security application’s reputation and functionality, THEKEY was invited to demonstrate and promote this product to over 160 leaders from 18 regional cities at Henan’s Provincial Work Conference for Human Resources and Social Security held on August 6th.

Henan’s Provincial Work Conference for Human Resources and Social Security

This annual conference is dedicated to evaluating and promoting human resource, social security and related information technology deployments across the social security system. Included among the many leaders present at the event was Mr. Shiwei Liu, director and secretary of Henan Province’s Party Leadership Group for the Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and deputy minister of Henan’s Organization Department.

THEKEY demonstrated and promoted “Kaifeng Human Resources and Social Security 123 Application” at the Conference

In May 2018, THEKEY launched the TestNet version of its initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product), far ahead of the schedule outlined in its white paper. The MVP featured functionality to support smart mobile medical insurance payments, which THEKEY claim has received significant recognition from relevant government authorities.

The TestNet MVP is the first application to use THEKEY’s Blockchain Based Dynamic Multi-dimension Identification (BDMI), which is a significant step forward for the company. The MVP subsequently won the only national award that China grants in the area of blockchain applications, during China’s International Big Data Industry Expo on June 4th, 2018 in Guiyang, China.

With over 95 million citizens, Henan is the 3rd largest province by population in China, and has an urgent need for highly efficient social security services with optimal user experience. If Henan were to adopt THKEY’s BDMI platform upon MainNet launch, it would provide a significant real-world user base for the application. It would also provide opportunity for further real world deployment of THEKEY’s “Healthcare Big Data Exchange Platform” and other related applications.

Powered by THEKEY’s Medical Term Standardization (MTS) engine and related big data cleansing and processing technologies, the Healthcare Big Data Exchange Platform aims to collect, process and standardize the lifecycle of Individual Patient Data (IPD). The goal is to eventually enable the integration of all patient data within a single comprehensive “Health View”, with each patient’s unique ID as a prime index. It collects data across 7 dimensions, including: out-patient and in-patient hospital records, medicine purchasing records in drugstores, follow-up records in community hospitals, smart wearable devices data, medical insurance claim data and user behavior data collected from the Human Resources and Social Security 123 App. The following graphic illustrates the dashboard interface.

A Screenshot from Healthcare Big Data Exchange Platform

The completion of the Healthcare Big Data Platform will be a milestone in the implementation of blockchain to the global healthcare industry. It aims to largely increase the overall efficiency of China’s healthcare services as it promotes innovation in healthcare, whilst lowering costs and improving the user experience.

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