TOTHEMOON and TranslateMe have established a strategic cooperation with an initial goal to implement TranslateMe services into TOTHEMOON’s communication channels. This provides TranslateMe additional opportunity to test and validate its services, and helps TOTHEMOON reach a broader global audience.

TranslateMe is an instant translation service that has been in the Neo ecosystem since 2018, and was recently accepted into the N3 Early Adoption program. The service utilizes a trustless protocol that leverages machine translation and blockchain technology. Through machine learning and human validation, content is said to be translated with 99.9% accuracy.

TOTHEMOON anticipates integrating TranslateMe into community platforms as early as Q4 2021.

Community Meme Contest

TOTHEMOON is hosting a community meme contest, running through 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Friday, Nov. 5, 2021. Participants can submit as many applications for the competition as they like. The rules for the event include:

Five winners will each be rewarded with a unique Moon Creature NFT.

The full partnership announcement can be found at the link below: