GhostMarket has announced the completion of its Avalanche integration, now the fifth network supported by the multi-chain NFT marketplace. Users can get started using GhostMarket with Avalanche with a WalletConnect-compatible wallet or MetaMask, which can be set up to work with Avalanche.

Thanks to its EVM-based execution environment, the Avalanche C-Chain should feel familiar to anyone with experience using Ethereum. The GhostMarket integration adds support for both Avalanche-based ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standard NFTs, plus payments denominated in the AVAX, WAVAX, WETH, and USDC ERC-20 tokens.

Avalanche users can now trade NFTs, start reserve auctions, or mint their own as part of the GhostMarket “GHOST” collection. The platform also added two other popular NFT collections from the network: AvaPepe and AvaxPunks.

A future update will allow users to deploy their own NFT collections, as well as add support for other ERC-20 tokens and alternate auction types.

More information about the integration can be found on the original announcement: