Neo co-founder, Erik Zhang, participated in an interview with Neo News Today, where he discussed other new projects he’s working on within the ecosystem. In the interview, Zhang noted the aspects of Neo N3 he’s most proud of, offered an overview of OneGate, and discussed the motivation behind and goals for Galaxz.

Neo Global Development released its monthly report for Sep. 2021, which introduced a new format where reports will alternate each month between focusing on general progress and focusing on development. Sep. 2021’s report noted N3 migration entering its final phase, custodial exchanges that added N3 NEO, the launch of the Neoverse NFT event, projects that joined the N3 Early Adoption program, and significant updates from ecosystem dApps and developer communities.

MyMingo co-founders, Odd Jørgen Røland and Adrian Fjellberg, joined NGD’s NeoLive. It was the first AMA after the MyMingo team assumed responsibility for the development, maintenance, and marketing of Flamingo Finance. The AMA offered an overview of the new Flamingo team, why NGD chose them to lead Flamingo, and what collaboration between the two entities might look like moving forward.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today was joined by NGD Enterprise chief architect Harry Pierson in a two-part video to introduce the recently released NeoTrace tool. In the first video, Pierson walked viewers through how NeoTrace can be used to capture real contract executions on public Neo N3 networks, including MainNet and TestNet, then time-travel debug those traces in the Neo Debugger with accurate storage states. In the second video, Harry dived into the inner workings of the tool, showcasing the data stores and state utilities built into the core Neo N3 toolbase which allow it to function.

NNT released an article highlighting the Neo ecosystem’s deep ties to the University of Zurich, which has recently been rated one of the top universities globally for blockchain education and research. UZH is the largest university in Switzerland, and counts among its alumni all three members of the AxLabs team. AxLabs is a Swiss-based entity that is responsible for the neow3j Java-based toolkit.

Neo News Today sources confirmed the Guardian Circle has closed its doors. The application was removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play, while Guardian Circle’s website and Twitter have been taken down. The LinkedIn profiles of co-founders Mark Jeffrey and Chris Hayes noted that their tenures ended in Sep. 2021 and Aug. 2021, respectively. In Aug. 2020, Guardian Circle stated that it had approximately eight months of runway left, barring any further revenue stream or investment. The company was forced to shut down operations, having not signed any new contracts or attracted new investors.

Developer Groups

COZ developer, Joe Stewart, released an analysis of a failed transaction from the custodial exchange,, to an end user’s wallet. A user from the exchange sent GAS to their private wallet, but it was never received. However,, noted that everything looked right on their end. The article walked through the issue, and how can salvage the user’s GAS.


Oct. 25, TOTHEMOON announced plans to release its character NFTs in late Q4 2021, which will be available on TOTHEMOON’s marketplace, “The Market.” There will be four types of Character NFTs released in the first minting phase, including Cryptonauts, Moon Creatures, Moon Trainers, and Moon Babies.

Oct. 25, TOTHEMOON announced the winners of its “The Arts” community campaign, where each of the five winners will be awarded a unique Character NFT.

Oct. 27, Everstake released an article that explained how to migrate NEO from Legacy to N3 and use it to vote.

Oct. 27, Switcheo Labs launched its new standalone order matching engine, Carbon, on TestNet and began testing it using the Demex non-custodial exchange.

Oct. 27, TOTHEMOON announced a community meme campaign, which will reward the top five submissions with a unique Moon Creature NFT.

Oct. 29, TOTHEMOON and TranslateMe announced a partnership, where TOTHEMOON will implement TranslateMe’s translation services through its various social media platforms. The TOTHEMOON team noted users may see the first integration in Q4 2021.

Oct. 29, TranslateMe announced that COZ will help the instant translation services network migrate its smart contracts to Neo N3.

Oct. 31, NeoBurger, a Neo N3 governance dApp, published an announcement introducing its new voting tool and NEO token wrapper. The NeoBurger project seeks to compensate for the usability issues of indivisible NEO in applications such as DeFi, while also providing an avenue for maximized GAS rewards for holders. Alongside the announcement, which documents the goals and basic implementation details of the dApp, the team launched its project website, providing a frontend for Neo N3 users to begin earning through NeoBurger.


Nov. 2: TranslateMe founder, Ryan Lloyd, to join Neo Live on the official Telegram channel.