TOTHEMOON has announced its first Community Appreciation Contest and will reward ten randomly selected participants with a character in the upcoming NFT-based metaverse game. The contest is live and concludes at 3:11 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021.

Participants must complete a range of tasks to be eligible to win. Different amounts of entry tickets for the prize drawing will be rewarded depending on the task. Users must register via a Gleam form which keeps track of task completion. Some of the tasks are as simple as visiting TOTHEMOON’s website, whereas others are more engaging and offer more entries.

Among the tasks is a quiz about various aspects of the game. To assist users in the quiz, TOTHEMOON has released a slide deck containing information used for the quiz. The slides can be found on the Info Center community channel on the project’s Discord server.

The prizes feature five Moon Creatures and five Cryptonauts. They include:

The winners of the Community Appreciation Contest will receive their rewards shortly after the “Launch Day,” which is when TOTHEMOON NFTs will become publicly available on the marketplace. According to the team, the Launch Day will tentatively take place in Q4 2021. TOTHEMOON notes that the winners will be contacted via email and will have seven days to claim their prize.

TOTHEMOON is a strategic community-building NFT game built on Neo N3 where collectors engage with the moon-themed metaverse. TOTHEMOON was first introduced to the Neo ecosystem during the Neo Frontier Launchpad event. The team received an Excellence award as one of the top projects and is the first project accepted into the N3 Early Adoption Program.

Registration for the contest can be found at the link below: