The Neo Legacy MainNet is scheduled to be upgraded at 08:00 a.m. GMT on September 13, 2021. Following the upgrade, the Neo Legacy will cease generating GAS at block height 8,000,000. Prior to this milestone, users running Neo-CLI nodes on Neo Legacy must upgrade to the latest Neo-CLI version, Neo-CLI v2.13.0. Failure to upgrade before block 8,000,000 will require nodes to resync.

The Neo Legacy blockchain is moving into long-term support and will continue to operate for at least one year. Due to the Neo N3 chain running in parallel, it is necessary to end GAS production on Neo Legacy to prevent double generation. Exactly 52,000,000 GAS will have been produced on Neo Legacy at block-height 8,000,000.

Neo Legacy is expected to reach the 8,000,000 block height in mid to late September. Users will still be able to claim un-claimed GAS on Neo Legacy after GAS generation has ceased.

The Neo-CLI v2.13.0 data retention upgrade is backward compatible and applies to all Neo-CLI nodes on Neo Legacy. It is available for download from the Neo Project GitHub at the link below.