Alex Borutskiy, iMe co-founder, joined Neo Global Development’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Tuesday, Nov. 29. iMe is a messaging platform powered by the Telegram API, which incorporates blockchain-enabled features (i.e., multi-chain wallets, DeFi). The project was recently accepted into the N3 Early Adoption Program, and the app is available for iOS and Android.

In the AMA, Borutskiy discussed how messaging with blockchain integration make iMe a unique platform, plans for adding support for new blockchains, current and future use cases for the platform’s LIME token, and upcoming features on the roadmap.

Alongside Borutskiy, iMe’s head of social media Anastasiya Kosyuk answered a question and provided links to relevant topics.

The full transcript can be found below:

Panda skiing (Neo Telegram admin): Hello, I would like to thank the members of the Neo community for joining me today for this AMA event.  We are all excited to have Alex from iMe Smart Platform.

Alex Borutskiy (iMe Smart Platform co-founder): Hello, I´m Alex Borutskiy, one of the co-founders of iMe. I’ve been in crypto since 2016. Have a Ph.D. in economics. I’m a professional startup entrepreneur with over 15 startups in the IT-sphere under my belt. Before diving into crypto, I handled IT startups, sites, applications, internet services, and webshops. To describe my role in iMe, I’m in charge of business development and strategic coordination of the iMe project development.

Q1: What is iMe Smart Platform?

Alex: iMe is an ecosystem with the Telegram-based messenger, crypto wallet, DeFi tools, and its native utility token, LIME. The platform enables sending any crypto via Telegram handles in a few clicks. With robust DeFi capabilities integrated into the messenger (i.e., Uniswap, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum), iMe is on a mission to make DeFi more accessible to a wider population.

iMe is the first project to add Binance Pay functionality into the wallet. Now it’s available in the iMe app for Android and iOS users.

iMe is developed on Telegram’s API. It offers all of Telegram’s features as well as some exciting new tools. Using iMe, you don’t have to change your messaging environment since you’ll have all Telegram contacts and the environment available in our app.

To put it simply, iMe is a modern way to communicate, plus all the “toys” big modern guys love, like DeFi, crypto exchange, neurobots, and a translator.

Q2: How does iMe’s wallet and cryptocurrency features differ from all similar platforms on the market?

Alex: Many wallets and messenger providers are on the market, but none of these projects are our direct competitors. No messenger application has a full-fledged non-custodial crypto wallet yet, and no wallet has an integrated messaging interface.

iMe Wallet has a full-fledged functionality that allows all kinds of operations with crypto without the necessity to log in to MetaMask or other wallet apps. Its interface is intuitive and simple to be used even by those who are new to crypto.

With iMe, users don’t have to remember all their passwords or wallet addresses because we added encryption with a pin code on users’ devices.  Only a user’s device has access to their wallet’s account.

iMe Wallet has integrated exchanges: Uniswap is already available in the Android and iOS versions. Soon, we will complete the integration of the PancakeSwap exchange. We’ve also implemented the EVM\BSC bridge for LIME.

Users are able to manage their finances directly via the iMe app. We’ll have the most popular blockchains and tokens integrated into iMe Wallet (Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain). Very soon, we’ll add Polkadot, Polygon, Solana, and others.

iMe charges zero fees, so you connect directly to Uniswap and pay only the commissions they demand, which could be up to two times cheaper in comparison to other wallet apps.

Q3: Binance Pay was recently integrated into the iMe ecosystem. What opportunities does this integration open for the crypto community?

Alex: In the initial phase, the implementation of Binance Pay in iMe entails:

  1. Linking your Binance Pay account to your iMe wallet;
  2. Displaying of coins with balances and transaction history;
  3. Creation of payment requests between users, including within the chat;
  4. Making payments for requests by scanning the QR code, with a quick transition to Binance Pay for confirmation.

The Binance Pay app does not have a chat or messenger feature, and users have to use third-party applications. For example, for sending a QR code with a payment request. By integrating with iMe, transactions can be conducted between messenger users, among their contacts, right within chats. There is no need to confirm the user’s identity by asking for verification details before sending a request or making payment.

Anastasiya: Using Binance Pay, all transactions are real-time and happen instantaneously and without gas fees or other commissions. Soon, we’ll introduce the new set of options for iMe users connected with the second stage of the integration of the Binance Pay functionality. Stay tuned!

Q4: What is the primary role of the LIME tokens, and what is their function?

Alex: iMe has its own utility token called LIME (ERC-20 and BEP-20). Every LIME token holder will have an advantage compared to other app users because of extended wallet options and in-app features. They will include The DAO system. LIME token holders from around the world will have a say in the development of the ecosystem and can suggest or influence the decision-making process depending on their stake.

There is also a Tier system, where there are different advantages. For example, when the functionality to participate in an IDO is implemented into our app, members of Tiers will be among the first to get whitelisted.

There are also staking programs available for our community, so by holding a certain amount of LIME, you may get a percentage of a partner’s tokens and a reward in USDT. We will also implement a testing platform in iMe, each participant who searches for and fixes bugs will get rewarded in LIME. The more partners we have, the more additional functions users and LIME holders have.

We’re going to introduce the LIME donation functionality in the near future, which will enable iMe users to make donations to a channel or group they like in LIME tokens. More details will come soon.

The LIME token is deployed as ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards, with a bridge between two blockchain platforms, available on our website found at the link below:

Q5: How is Neo supporting iMe and how do you think iMe promoting the Neo ecosystem?

Alex: The Neo community is exciting for us to show them the perspective, popularity, and convenience of our DeFi functionality today. This includes NFT support, unique NFT Neurobots, PancakeSwap, Binance Pay, and an updated set of features already in the implementation process and coming soon.

The Neo community may learn about the Neo blockchain and check its main perks like GAS automatically accrued to NEO coin holders’ accounts for holding the native NEO asset. This cooperation may expand the boundaries for both iMe and Neo communities by enabling users with both projects’ cool features.

Q6: What service can iMe platform provide to the Neo community in social media platforms like Telegram?

Alex: iMe is an all-in-one app, offering DeFi and messaging functionality that is really convenient to use. Users may chat and send the crypto easily with a few clicks through the Telegram handle. That leverages user experience and allows more crypto newbies to come to crypto by using iMe.

The Neo community will get access to all advanced features of our unified app like Binance Pay functionality, extended messaging features, integrated Uniswap exchange (PancakeSwap integration soon), LIME EVM/BSC bridge, and other DeFi tools, implemented to make the life of a crypto user easier.

Q7: What sort of activities you are planning for the user community in the near future?

Alex: We’re constantly working on preparing new types of earning options and activities for our users. As for now, any iMe user can take part in one of our staking programs. Web staking can be found on our website, and the LIME staking campaign on the Zerion platform. All the details can be found at the link below:

By participating in these campaigns, LIME holders may also get an additional reward in partners’ tokens. Besides, we have already launched several farming programs.

One is available on ApeSwap, and the other made in collaboration with OpenDAO project.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got a lot of interesting campaigns ahead that may be interesting for both the iMe and Neo communities. Stay tuned to our news channels to learn the updates on our official Telegram channel.

Q8: How does the team choose which features to integrate and support?

Alex: In the iMe team, we are crazy about new killer features and ease of use. That’s why our developers are constantly busy. Many new abilities will come soon, including the NFT section (and yes, you will be amazed), new DeFi, and DEX capabilities.

Our main goal is to keep iMe comfortable and safe to use. That’s why every new feature will be carefully selected.

Q9: How does iMe differ from other messaging platforms? What are some achievement you’re proud of from 2021?

Alex: We released the current and well-functioning app almost three years ago and gained a lot of traction worldwide long before the LIME token launch. There’s no sense to abandon development as the iMe ecosystem only gets bigger and stronger with each step we take.  We have an actual working product with constantly updated functionality and the introduction of new and needed features in the DeFi sphere. No emergency stops were made during hard 2020, and now we see the reasonable dynamic boost of new users.

iMe has widened its functionality immensely since the start. Now we have more than 3.5 million downloads all over the world, and more than 750,000 activated wallets. The platform has integrated features like Binance Pay, Uniswap exchange (PancakeSwap soon), Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain network support, opportunity to send crypto in chats via Telegram handle only, a native non-custodial crypto wallet, and advanced Telegram functionality (i.e., translation, cloud storage, neurobots in chats, LIME donations for channels and groups is coming soon).

Being based on Telegram API, we have the real advantage as any Telegram user may download iMe and try an improved messaging functionality with all their chats, groups, and contacts that they had in Telegram. The iMe app will become multifunctional, as the main aim for us as developers is to create a useful, convenient, all-in-one app that will meet the requirements of the community.

Q10: What was the initial concept behind iMe?

Alex: I just wanted to teach my grandma how to send her crypto easily to her grandson.

Crypto is gaining in popularity day by day, and it’s an absolute necessity to have a user-friendly, convenient, and easy-to-use application that will cover all existing cases related to sending and managing crypto. I just wanted to have an app where users can communicate and send their coins without jumping to several different services or apps. The future belongs to multifunctional products!

Panda skiing: Thank you, Alex and Anastasiya. 

Alex: Thank you, everyone! Here are all our socials and download links:

Anastasiya: We’d like to thank Neo team and community for the hospitality! It was great to be here with you!

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