TranslateMe surpassed 2,000 translators on its marketplace as the team released its third translation model, Russian-to-English. The beta marketplace launched in October 2020, offering a web portal for users to contribute suggestions for translation improvements in return for receive TMN rewards.

Though the Russian model is in its early stages, TranslateMe purports to have received positive feedback from community translators. In a conversation with Neo News Today, TranslateMe founder, Ryan Lloyd said:

The Russian model is not as good as our French or German models and will need updates. Some members have commented already to say it’s not bad but does make a lot of small mistakes. These models are initial releases. So, as we gather corrections, we will update once we hit enough sentences to apply an update.

Additionally, TranslateMe is directing its efforts towards a Zulu translation model. According to Lloyd, South Africa has 17 million native Zulu speakers, yet high quality translation services currently aren’t available. He said:

Google has a model, but it’s not very good. We believe we can beat Google. This will be a big step forward for us, [TranslateMe will be] the only company besides Google that will have a viable solution for Zulu. Our platform has over 1,500 Zulu users, and we are collecting hundreds of sentences each day. This is what makes us so unique, the ability to crowdsource this data.

Looking forward, multilingual users are encouraged to register on the marketplace and contribute to the translation models. Validators can suggest improvements and review each other’s edits, voting on the most accurate before the job is complete. The minimum requirement to become a translator is to be fluent in both languages in the model. For their efforts, contributors are rewarded with NEP-5 TMN tokens.

Lloyd concluded, “We need more voters and more contributors.”

Registration for the TranslateMe marketplace can be found at the link below: