TranslateMe, a translation service using the Neo blockchain, has released an update to its Telegram translation MVP for Android, which now rewards users for using the translation service. Additionally, the TranslateMe team has grown with the new hire of Ravneet Punia, an expert in machine translation.

TranslateMe launched its Android application in May 2019, which offered new language support and a dual-language feature. The dual language feature enables communicating between any combination of two languages supported by the application.

In the January 2020 update, TranslateMe incorporated a payment function that rewards users with 1 TMN token per outgoing message. Though, the Reward System will only be available in “selective groups [with] translation enabled.” At the time of press, there is no further information available about the aforementioned selective groups.

TranslateMe states the team intends to test the Reward System function through various marketing campaigns in collaboration with other blockchain-based projects.

Currently, the TranslateMe Telegram messenger application offers support for more than 20 languages and has over 1 million downloads.

New Team Member

Ravneet Punia is an Android developer, whose most recent project was with the Google Summer of Code. In this program, Punia was part of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI), which sought to “collect, preserve and make available images, text, and metadata of all artifacts inscribed with the cuneiform script.”

The CDLI aimed to develop a machine translation model that converts the Sumerian language through the use of neural networks. Punia’s neural machine translation (NML) is touted as “new and highly active,” with capabilities to convert Sumerian to English and vice-versa.

Punia joins TranslateMe’s team of 18 employees.

The Android application announcement can be found at the link below: