Travala has released its monthly report for July, 2019, publishing progress in several core platform growth metrics, new partnerships, and event participation. Furthermore, the report includes the types of cryptocurrencies used for bookings on its platform and mentioned its inclusion in Binance Info’s transparency initiative as a V Label project.

Platform and SMART program growth

With regards to platform growth, Travala reported month-over-month progress in the following metrics:

  • Total number of nights booked: 833, 18.8% increase from June
  • Avg. room night value: $136, 7.5% decrease from June

Travala has also begun reporting the types of cryptocurrencies used by customers as a percentage of total bookings made on the platform:

  • BTC – 25%
  • AVA – 17%
  • DASH – 11%
  • ETH – 6%
  • TRX – 4%
  • LTC – 3%
  • BCH – 3%
  • Others – 31%

The company’s SMART program, which rewards users with discounts and AVA for making purchases while staking AVA tokens, saw a total of 1,500,500 AVA staked across 366 members. These figures represent increases of 22.4% in AVA staked and 24.4% in total SMART program members since Travala’s June report. Below are current SMART program member figures and month-over-month increases per tier:

  • (5,000 AVA staked) Level 5 – 258 members (+42)
  • (4,000 AVA) Level 4 – 23 members (+8)
  • (2,500 AVA) Level 3 – 31 members (+9)
  • (1,000 AVA) Level 2 – 28 members (+7)
  • (500 AVA) Level 1 – 26 members (+6)

Top booking destinations in July were the United States, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, France, Australia, Canada, Portugal, and Spain.

NEO LIVE, EcoFund and event partnerships

On July 25th, Travala participated in NEO Global Development’s (NGD) first NEO LIVE event, an Ask Me Anything (AMA) styled community event featuring a different ecosystem project each week in the official NEO Telegram. The company’s CEO, Matt Luczynski, highlighted Travala’s current dominance as an online travel agent in the blockchain niche and provided details into the next steps for the platform’s growth. The full chat log and NEO News Today coverage of Travala’s NEO LIVE event participation can be found here.

The report also mentioned Travala’s roadmap for the remainder of the year and investment received through the NEO EcoFund, which launched in 2017 with the design to assist the development of projects across the NEO ecosystem. More detailed NEO News Today coverage of these happenings can be found here.

Travala also became a community partner in phase one of NEO’s EcoBoost program, which aims to support and promote growth of organizations within the NEO ecosystem.

Lastly, Travala became the travel partner for Coindesk’s Consensus Asia 2019 in Singapore and Dash Core Group, the main development team supporting the Dash network.

A link to Travala’s July report can be found below: