Trinity, a state channel scaling solution for the NEO blockchain, has released two bi-weekly reports on the development of its platform through July. The reports note the completion of the Trinity state channel system for both NEP-5 and the NEO/GAS assets, and the pre-release of the trinity-neo-gui client.

First bi-weekly report

In its first report, covering the initial two weeks of July, Trinity outlined completed work on the NEP-5 state channel system. The pre-release version of trinity-neo-gui (v0.1.0) will now automatically identify NEP-5 assets added through the neo-gui interface, and allow these assets to be sent through the channel.

The pre-release version is available on Windows systems, though Trinity notes that various functions and interfaces require further optimization.

In addition, Trinity began the construction of a unified structure for the transaction interface. This system is required to allow Trinity to support all assets types on NEO, and to provide an interface to adapt between the different types.

Second bi-weekly report

The second report covers development progress through the last two weeks of July, and focused on adding support for the UTXO-based assets NEO and GAS. These assets are now also available to be sent within the state channels in the pre-release version. Additionally, users are now able to display all transaction records from a given channel.

Finally, the team added channel query functions that allow users to inquire about channel information such as the channel name, status, and balance. This is hoped to make channels easier to manage, especially when the user has multiple channels open. Moving forward, the team will continue to optimize the client with the goal of refining the user experience.