Blockchain Cuties, a multi-blockchain collectible adventure game, has launched a presale for NEO-based “cuties” following the deployment of its NEO smart contract. For the first round of NEO cuties, a 50% discount has been offered with four types of presale cuties available.

Blockchain Cuties recently announced its NEO integration, making it the fourth blockchain to host cuties alongside Ethereum, EOS, and Tron. Cuties are minted as non-fungible tokens, with each character having its own unique appearance.

The Blockchain Cuties NEO presale launched at the start of August, offering the earliest contributors a “market forming advantage” due to the lack of regular Gen 0 cuties being created prior to the end of the presale. This is intended to give the first players a chance to “establish themselves on the market.”

The presale will conclude at the end of August, and offers four cutie types to players at a 50% discount:

  • NEO Community heroes, based on well known characters such as Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang
  • Pop culture cuties, inspired by popular heroes such as Neo from The Matrix franchise
  • Epic cuties, references to historical figures such as Chiyou, a wise tribal leader worshipped as one of the founding fathers of China
  • Mythic cuties, based on fabled characters such as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Chinese mythology

Budding players may purchase the first round of unique presale characters using NEO or GAS. One of the first confirmed purchases of a unique hero was shared by NEO founder Da Hongfei, who purchased his own cutie in the sale.

The NEO cutie presale can be found at the following link: