Trinity has officially released its NEO-based state channel protocol, along with a guide on how to deploy network nodes. Trinity is a universal off-chain scaling solution that uses state channel technology to create private payment channels and real-time transactions.

In an announcement made on Medium, Trinity said: “The release of the Trinity State Channel Protocol is a milestone in the course of Trinity development. It is a solid step towards greatly improving the throughput of the underlying chain. It makes real-time payment for the main chain assets, low transaction costs, scalability and privacy protection possible. It means that community developers and users are able to become active participants of the Trinity ecology.”

As Trinity is a protocol and not a product that users can interface with, it has released several test web applications for users to experience the service. These applications include a web wallet, faucet, online shop and network explorer.

These applications will allow users to create a wallet, receive TestNet TNC, open a channel, and make a transaction as if purchasing a product. Trinity has made a guide available to help users through the process.

The test applications can be found at the below link:

Trinity note that the release of the state channel protocol is “not the end of the journey”, but “the real beginning of building a community, an ecosystem and an excellent scaling solution for all”. It invites the community to configure their own nodes and to begin using Trinity to build dApps.

A guide to node configuration can be found below:

More information on Trinity Protocol can be found at the below links.