Aphelion have announced the release of an Android NEO mobile wallet. Aphelion is building a P2P trading platform on the NEO blockchain. Aphelion aims to enable token trading in a decentralized and trustless environment using their Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (DEAL). Aphelion DEAL transactions will utilize smart contracts in order to prevents delays, frozen funds, locked trades, and hijacked tokens.

The mobile wallet includes features such as┬áreal-time trading chart data, customizable address book and complete NEP-5 token integration. Future upgrades will include integration with Aphelion’s upcoming DEAL trading environment.

To celebrate the release of the mobile wallet, Aphelion are giving away 50,000 APH tokens. 500 tokens will be given to 100 users who install and share their experiences. The competition will begin when the iOS version of the application is published on the App Store, which is currently under review from Apple, with winners being announced when both the iOS and Android versions have received 10k downloads.

Full competition details can be found here.

The Android wallet can be downloaded from the below link:

More information on Aphelion can be found at the below links.