Ontology has announced the date of the upcoming second ONT airdrop from the NEO Foundation. It also recently held its MainNet prelaunch party in San Francisco, and reiterated its call for Triones Consensus Node candidates.

Second ONT airdrop to NEO holders

On February 12, 2018, NEO announced an airdrop of Ontology tokens (ONT) to NEO token holders, following Ontology’s donation of 20 million ONT to the NEO Council. A snapshot of NEO account balances was taken at block height 1,974,823 at 9:15:33 (UTC +8) on March 1st, 2018.

The airdrop ratio was set at 0.2 ONT : 1 NEO, with first half of ONT distributed as NEP-5 tokens on the NEO blockchain on March 7th, 2018.

The second half of the ONT airdrop has been scheduled for Monday, July 9th, 2018. However, it will not be delivered to NEO addresses, but rather to MainNet ONT addresses. The ONT MainNet addresses that will be receiving the airdrop will be the same as the NEO addresses that received the first round distribution, and can be accessed using the same private keys or wallet import format (WIF).

Currently, there are three ways for individuals to access their MainNet ONT address:

  1. Through ONTO (Ontology’s decentralized client that includes a wallet, which will be released in July).
  2. Through third party wallets that support MainNet ONT. (Ontology will notify users of wallets that will support MainNet ONT.)
  3. Through an exchange that held users’ NEO during the snapshot. Such individuals should refer to the exchange for their ONT airdrop policy.

For further information refer to the NEO Council Airdrop FAQ, or contact the Ontology team through its Discord.

Ontology MainNet Prelaunch Party

On June 26, 2018, Ontology hosted its MainNet pre-release party in San Francisco, California. Jun Li, founder of Ontology, gave a presentation on the product structure, technical features, and governance models of the Ontology MainNet.

Ontology 1.0 was announced for a June 30th release, which will feature verifiable byzantine fault tolerance (VBFT) consensus algorithm, smart contract tool SmartX, and Triones Consensus Nodes. The VBFT algorithm is a new consensus algorithm which integrates proof of stake (PoS), verifiable random function (VRF), and byzantine fault tolerance (BFT). SmartX is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a range of smart contract templates and an online editor to compile, deploy, and invoke smart contracts. And, the Triones Consensus Group is Ontology’s public chain governance model.

Many of Ontology’s blockchain partners we’re in attendance including: Contentos, DAD (Decentralized Advertising), COT (Chain of Things), and CarBlock. Additionally, Ontology discussed its partnerships with Points (PTS) and NAGA, as real business scenarios utilizing blockchain applications. Lastly, Ontology discussed its Co-Builder Plan partnership with financial firms Sequoia China, Danhua Capital, Matrix Partners China, and Zhen Fund; as well as, the Ontology Advisors Group (OAG) that aims to provide a full range of strategic and industry consultancy for the Ontology ecosystem.

Triones Consensus Nodes Application and Candidate List

The last day to submit an application to host a Triones Consensus Node is Friday, July 6th. Seed node candidates are required to meet the following conditions:

  • Own at least 100,000 ONT,
  • Meet software and hardware network environment requirements,
  • Complete the application questionnaire, and
  • Pledge to complete the ONT ID trust certification.

Candidates will be disqualified if the ONT stake fails to be submitted to the lock smart contract before the end of Monday, July 9th; and, the position will be automatically passed on to the next candidate in the ranking.

On Monday, July 16th the final list of all Triones seed node candidates will be announced.

To apply to become a Triones Consensus Node visit the following link:


To see a list of the current Triones Consensus Node candidates visit the following link:


For more information about Ontology visit one of the links below.