Zeepin has announced CryptoGalaxy v1.5 will be released in the coming days. CryptoGalaxy is a game that allows players to buy unique planets and mine them for ‘minerals’, which can be converted into Gala, the game’s native currency.

As of June 26th, CryptoGalaxy has been in operation for 9 weeks. In that time 340 planets have been released, 6,541 people from 108 countries have participated in beta testing, and nearly 2 million Gala has been created.

CryptoGalaxy Version 1.5 New Features

Version 1.5 will allow users to lock up Zeepin tokens (ZPT) to upgrade planet technologies. Such upgrades will increase yielding speed to earn more Gala, and can boost the mineral yield of a planet by up to 50%.

A wallet feature has been added so players can more easily manage their assets. When ZPT is stored in the wallet, users will passively receive Gala on a daily basis. The more ZPT held in the wallet, the more the Gala will be released. Zeepin also aims to provide future wallet support for other cryptocurrencies such as NEO and Ethereum.

In an effort to promote fairness, if an “explorer” hasn’t collected minerals for two days, their miner bot will automatically be removed from the planet. Additionally, planets in the “sold” tab will be randomly arranged, allowing for more even visibility of planets.

Lastly, CryptoGalaxy v1.5 will have the ability for users to reset and change passwords; a feature that hasn’t been available in prior versions.

Features for upcoming CryptoGalaxy updates

Developers will include an astronaut character that will have the ability to travel from planet to planet. The astronaut character will fuel a spaceship necessary to travel the CryptoGalaxy universe. This interplanetary travel will provide players the opportunity to explore unoccupied planets and inhabit them.

In July’s upcoming update, Zeepin also aim to provide players with the ability to sell and buy planets through a “Planet Trading” market.

Lastly, planet release rules will be finalised by August of 2018, prior to the launch of the Zeepin MainNet. In these rules, the amount of planets released will gradually decrease in new CryptoGalaxy versions.

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